Vying for attention?
Vyde for _Active Attention.

Vyde shifts the consideration needle in video and display advertising by empowering consumers to control their own ad experience with an immersive two-way conversation.

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Over 150 brands get closer to consumers for longer with Vyde’s _Active Attention.

The next frontier of Attention.
It’s amped up and Active.

Vyde takes ‘attention’ to the next level by turning passive views into _Active Attention while simultaneously unlocking the most dynamic brand perception insights, live and in the moment.

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_Active Attention

Up to 28x more attention time than standard formats


Dwell Time

Up to 15x longer dwell time than standard formats


Brand Interaction

Up to 68x higher brand interaction than standard formats

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Vyde's platform in motion.

Create attention grabbing experiences in a powerful yet beautifully intuitive platform. Choose self-serve or managed service to leverage the experience of Vyde’s team of conversational strategists.

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Creative conversations that spark brand consideration

A whole host of creative conversations can solve big brand conversations. Inform, shift, engage, change perception, personalize – and so much more.


Join the conversation

Imagine a world where consumers are empowered to be the director of their own creative experiences and ‘talk’ back to brands.

Imagine if marketers could know what audiences really think of their brand to start their next relevant conversation – something that Attention on its own can’t solve.

Imagine if advertising was two-way.

With Vyde, it is.

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