Sun, Skylight and (Guitar) Solos: Vyde’s Summer Party

Sun, Skylight and (Guitar) Solos: Vyde’s Summer Party

Miranda Parkinson

August 15, 2022

August 11th. One of the hottest days of the year…and coincidentally the day of Vyde’s summer party.

Armed with good Vybes (essential), multiple bottles of suncream (factor 50) and an assortment of hats (including a Greggs special), we grabbed some food at Vinegar Yard before making our way to Skylight Tobacco Docks.

AK turned into our East London tour guide for the day, Soph managed to acquire a guitar to serenade us with, we toppled many a giant Jenga tower – and everyone learnt how to make the famed “Otter” shot, thanks to a masterclass from Sam.

Will we have recovered in time for the Christmas party? Only time will tell…

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