What They Don’t Tell You About Being a… Senior Sales Manager

What They Don’t Tell You About Being a… Senior Sales Manager

Miranda Parkinson

April 24, 2022

Q: Don’t be shy, introduce yourself.

A: I’m Tom and I’m the Senior Sales Manager at Vyde.

Q: Senior Sales Manager you say…what do you actually do?

A: I liaise with agency contacts on a daily basis trying to set up meetings, get briefs in and – of course – bring in revenue! I also work with the internal team, sharing contacts and working collaboratively on loads of great campaigns.

Q: Best bit of your job?

A: Nailing an important meeting and getting great client feedback.

Q: Okay – what’s a part of your job that could suddenly vanish and you wouldn’t cry about it?

A: Anything admin based…

Q: What’s a fact about media/advertising that everyone should know?

A: The most relevant I’ve seen for us is big brands talking about the “Missing/Messy Middle” when talking about Brand Consideration, a problem we can solve for brands across the industry!

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working for Vyde? (And no, you can’t say the coffee machine).

A: How excited everyone is when a piece of good work is done in the office. Everyone is so supportive – good vibes.

Q: Time for a quickfire round: go-to-afternoon snack?

A: Popcorn obvs!

Q: Loudest person in the office?

A: Sellars (Christian, VP Revenue & Partnerships) and it’s not even close. 

Q: Cake Wednesdays or Drinks Thursdays?

A: Drinks… when Miranda (Marketing) remembers to chill them.

Q: And, finally, what don’t they tell you about being a Senior Sales Manager?

A: That sending 20 outreaches a day will solve all your problems.

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