Vyde and the next frontier of attention

Vyde and the next frontier of attention

Sam Peters

May 19, 2022

I’m writing to share the exciting news that today Octaive has rebranded as Vyde!

Why have we done this? In the last couple of years, we’ve been on a product-led journey, delivering real value for brands with conversational products that push the boundaries of what’s possible with display – and now video. With innovation comes change, and we wanted a fresh brand to see us into our new future.

As video spend continues to grow and more brands than ever are vying for attention in an increasingly crowded environment, Vyde represents our commitment to forge the next frontier of video attention, _Active Attention. With marketeers now demanding more ROI, Vyde is the essential layer of accountability that converts an attentive audience into actively engaged consumers. 

Get in touch with me or our epic team to learn more about Vyde, discover the new world of _Active Attention or just start a conversation and make sure you’re following our LinkedIn page for more exciting updates coming soon.

Sam Peters, CEO & Co-Founder

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