What They Don’t Tell You About Being a… Client Strategy Executive

What They Don’t Tell You About Being a… Client Strategy Executive

Miranda Parkinson

April 23, 2022

Q: Don’t be shy, introduce yourself!

A: I’m Aminat and I’m a Client Strategy Executive.

Q: Client Strategy Executive you say…what do you actually do?

A: I work across the commercial and account management team and my role is to support the activation, set up and success of all campaigns. Basically, I make sure that campaigns are successful, clients are satisfied and we get rebookings!

Q: Best bit of your job?

A: Getting to work with loads of exciting brands across the globe.

Q: Okay – what’s a part of your job that could suddenly vanish and you wouldn’t cry about it?

A: Billing!!! It’s like pulling teeth, but someone has to do it – and that person is me.

Q: What’s a fact about media/advertising that everyone should know?

A: Consumers see around 5000 adverts a day – that’s a lot.This means we have to find new, exciting ways to capture consumers' attention (and Vyde is obviously the perfect option). 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working at Vyde? (And no, you can’t say the coffee machine).

A: A bit cliche but the team, we all just click together! Having a great team around means work is always fun, and I can easily get any support I need. 

Q: Time for a quickfire round: go-to-afternoon snack?

A: Popcorn and dried mango – I’m absolutely obsessed with dried mango.

Q: Loudest person in the office?

A: Sellars (Christian, VP Revenue & Partnerships). He’s absolutely bonkers but I love it. 

Q: Cake Wednesdays or Drinks Thursdays?

A: Can I pick both? I love cocktails and cake!!!

Q: And, finally, what don’t they tell you about being a Client Strategy Executive?

A: That confidence is key – and to believe in yourself, no matter what. I’ve learned so much in this role, and there have been many challenges, but I’ve found that when you’re confident (even if you’re not completely sure) and believe in what you're talking about, you can conquer anything.

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