This well known autos brand aimed to use conversational to promote their new hybrid vehicle launch.

May 17, 2022

The Challenge

This leading autos brand wanted to use conversational to promote the launch of their new performance model. The campaign had to showcase all the new features and capture audience attention, while also standing out against competitors in a crowded market.

As with any new product launch, market research is key – another brand priority was to better understand what features of the model resonated most with audiences. Vyde took on the challenge.

The Strategy

We used a quiz-style opening question to highlight the model’s unique features and capture the attention of users as early as possible.

Engaged from the first click, users could then explore the different functionalities of the model depending on what aspects they were most interested in – all without leaving the unit.

The Results

Using conversational to provide users with the information most relevant to them was the perfect strategy for driving awareness. It provided vital insight into user priorities and key purchase triggers when looking for a new car, which the brand used to fuel future strategies.


  • An overall performance that exceeded target by 37%.
  • A dwell time that exceeded the benchmark by 5x.
  • Detailed audience insights to fuel subsequent campaigns.

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